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The Academy prides itself on offering one of the most comprehensive and detailed, online nutrition degree programs in the country. An ANHS Holistic Nutrition degree sets us apart, from what other online nutrition programs are proposing. Firstly, we take a holistic approach to everything, including education! By combining theoretical and practical, true-to-life scenarios in your training, we ensure that you not only know all of the fundamentals; you will also, be able to incorporate them in all of your future casework.
The Academy’s 500 Hour (Online) Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® (CL.N.®) Certification Program is designed to teach you the essential scientific principles and real-world application of clinical nutrition, natural health, and holistic nutrition standards of care, that have been proven to help thousands of people worldwide attain and preserve optimal health and wellness. Our online nutrition program is insightful, concise, and designed to leave the prospective Holistic Nutritionist enriched with the professional knowledge that they will require in their future endeavors.
his course tracks guarantees that each student will be able to thrive in a variety of professional environments; whether pursuing a private practice, or any number of careers in wellness centers, healthcare offices, health food stores, gyms, spas, or any non-hospital, non-institutional setting, our students flourish. In addition, other online nutrition courses are not usually, taught by a naturopathic doctor/clinical nutritionist, with over thirty years of teaching and practical experience. This is what differentiates our online nutrition degree training from the majority of online nutrition schools.

What you will learn and do:


Fundamentals of Nutrition – This online nutrition degree course expounds upon the essentials of human biology, digestive processes, ideal meal planning, macrobiotics, superfoods, elements of the vegetarian diet, food safety and additives, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, as well as several more critical concepts relating to holistic nutrition; additionally, the student will learn its effect upon the human machine, as a form of sustenance and ongoing lifestyle.

Advanced Principles of Nutrition – In this intensive online nutrition course, students gain a more in-depth view of human physiology, metabolic features, enzymes, the aging process, pregnancy, genetics, food values, amino acids, and how to conduct metabolic testing and create specialized diets. This gives our students a thorough understanding of the direct impact holistic nutrition has on health, as well as its relationship with the different features of the body.
Herbology & Mushroom Fundamentals – This expansive online nutrition degree course includes the chemical properties and preparation of herbal remedies, along with a detailed explanation of the most efficacious herbal protocols and contraindications among American and European herbs. Students will also, be instructed in the modern usage of mushroom products, learn to distinguish the most potent mushroom varieties, as well as how to safely utilize them to stimulate the body’s innate healing capabilities.
Homeopathic Theory – Homeopathic remedies and their use as healing agents are explored, in this online nutrition degree course. Students will master the fundamentals of homeopathy and will be equipped to instruct clients on how to heal themselves in the timeless homeopathic tradition.
Tuition = $395.00; Payment is due upon registration.
Nutrition & Immunity – Students learn the anatomical and physiological components of the immune system, as well as the various means of boosting the body’s natural healing abilities via nutrition, incorporating a thorough understanding of diet, lifestyle habits, supplements, and food. Armed with the right nutritional arsenal, students will be able to assist clients with various diseases from the common cold, to HIV/AIDS.
Nutrition Anatomy and Physiology – In this online nutrition degree course, students are trained in various anatomy and physiology concepts, better understanding how nutritional interventions affect the body and its 10 systems. Unlike other online courses, Nutrition A & P does not need to be completed all at once; book chapters may be submitted one at a time, throughout your training. This allows students to focus on their courses of choice, without distraction.
Detoxification & Gastrointestinal Studies – This course explores every facet and function of the large intestine, highlighting topics such as: pathogen abnormality, ecological effects, the study of parasites, how to analyze stool samples, correct protocol regarding fasting and cleansing diets, as well as the appropriate nutritional supplements needed to detoxify the body at the cellular, organ, glandular, and intestinal levels.
Weight-Loss Systems – Studying the most effective techniques for weight-loss and weight management, is what students are offered in this track. Tasks will include determination of dietary weight-loss methods, how to properly evaluate metabolic function, how to instill psychological motivation in clients and an analysis of the many nutritional weight-loss aids available.
Chronic Diseases & Nutrition – The student learns about the most prevalent health disorders, and how to use personalized diets, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, herbal aids, detoxification methods, holistic nutrition, and homeopathic remedies to help support and maximize the body’s own healing potential, stabilize biological processes, and preserve the body and mind in their natural state of good health; another necessity for any online nutrition degree program.
Athletic Nutrition – In this specialized track, students discover the distinct needs of the athlete, concerning nutrition. A range of pertinent topics are explored, including diet, proper nutritional sports supplements, ergogenic aids, and anabolic steroids. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to confidently support athletes’ health needs by stimulating growth and repair of the muscular, nervous, and energy systems, as well as understanding how to naturally optimize general athletic performance.
Supplements & Nutrition – This online nutrition course guides students in the use of nutritional supplements, and expounds upon nutritional concepts surrounding the safe and effective use of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, accessory nutrients, co-factor nutrients, and glandular products. Additionally, students are instructed in a variety of diseases and conditions, as well as how to educate clients on utilizing nutritional supplements in their recovery efforts.
Medications, Depletions, & Nutrient Interactions – A vital online nutrition degree study into how nutrients and medications may interact with each other, and how to avoid medication-induced nutrient depletion is outlined. This course will guide students in the identification of all foods, vitamins, and herbs that have the potential to interfere with medications; moreover, the nutrients and herbs that may potentially enhance a medication’s effectiveness, and decrease side effects.
Fitness Studies – This course provides an insider look at the anatomy and physiology of the muscular system. It also delves into aerobics, safe stretching methods, weight training, cardiovascular fitness, how to conduct fitness testing, as well as the other diverse skills needed to design and administer a personal fitness program.
Stress Management – In this online nutrition degree course, basic concepts of psychological stress are studied, as well as techniques to minimize the impact of stress on health. Students learn effective stress-reduction techniques to help clients manage various kinds of stress and to overcome the mental roadblocks to good health. This vital component of your online nutrition degree training is often overlooked in many other nutrition programs.
Assessments In Health – This online course teaches the student to assess a person’s nutritional and holistic health condition through the use of questionnaires, history of family health, lifestyle analysis, and the tracking of any clinical nutrition deficiency symptoms.
Clinical Assessment – This online nutrition degree course provides you with a look at clinical studies. Students will be instructed in the correct protocol for nutritional analysis of various biological samples they will encounter, including: blood, urine, hair, saliva, and stool.
Health Program Formulation – In this online nutrition degree course, students are instructed on how to create a nutrition and lifestyle program, based on assessment findings. This course equips the student with the tools that they need in order to assign clients the appropriate dietary regimens, distinguish which foods clients should avoid and consume more of, determine which nutritional supplements would prove most advantageous for their specific needs, as well as what kinds of fitness programs and stress reduction techniques are best for them. This online course represents the cornerstone of the nutrition student’s educational background and instills in them the ability to accurately apply nutritional theory in a wide and varied number of real-life situations.
Counseling Field Study – Students will be required to do a number of nutritional and holistic health counseling evaluations with family and friends; subsequently, sharing their experiences in class discussions. Multiple assessment techniques are utilized, and students learn how to master the art of protocol formulation, for each individualized case study.
Business Field Study – In this practical track, students will learn about the business side of holistic nutrition and health counseling; topics include: details of professional liability insurance, how to issue consent forms, maintaining ethical codes, scope of practice, and other professional concepts that govern the standards of efficiency, and scientifically-sound clinical, holistic nutrition, and holistic health counseling.
Teaching and Evaluation Methods – Our online nutrition degree course is a thorough, and comprehensive program in Nutritional Education. As in all of our online home-study course tracks, students communicate with instructors via email. Students are sent a series of testing materials and assignments that are completed and returned to the Academy, for grading, by our expert instructors. No time limit is imposed upon online students, allowing them to complete their courses at their own pace; also, allowing our students to reach out to instructors, as they deem necessary.

Upon successful completion of our online nutrition program, the student will be awarded the Academy’s 500-Hour, Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® (CL.N.®) Diploma.

Free Kinesiology Seminar

Online nutrition degree students are afforded the optional opportunity to attend a Kinesiology Seminar here, at the school. Kinesiology Muscle Testing is a great skill that helps the practitioner assess a client’s nutritional status. Local, online nutrition program students (or) students who don’t mind traveling, are welcome to attend a Kinesiology Muscle Testing seminar free of charge. We are very happy to offer this hands-on skill to our online nutrition class.

Kinesiology Seminar Dates: 12/16/18 & 6/23/19


Professional Nutritional Products

One of the largest nutritional products distributors in the United States provides the Academy’s Holistic Nutrition® online graduates with access to their immense selection of high quality, professional, holistic nutrition and herbal products. Graduates of our Holistic Nutrition online training can purchase products, (from many different manufacturers), at “wholesale” prices, just like a health food store. Furthermore, there are no minimum orders, and products can be direct “drop-shipped” to your clients, saving you the expense of keeping a product inventory. This is an ideal way to ensure that your clients are using top quality products that meet with your approval, and a convenient way to boost your income as a holistic nutrition professional. Our online nutrition school is proud to offer this privilege to our graduates, as it is not offered by other online nutritional programs.
Mentor Guidance – Holistic Nutrition online training graduates may contact their instructor(s) at any time after graduation, for advice and support in dealing with clients, and for general questions regarding their nutrition consultation practice.
Professional Resources – Access to the following resources, is provided to all Holistic Nutrition online training Graduates: Herbal Gram Journal, Botanical Medicine Info., Health Conditions Info., Nutritional Supplements Info., Drug Depletions and Interactions, Health Concerns Handouts, Herbal Remedy Handouts, Vitamin Guide and Review, Health News Letter, Women’s Health Issues Info., Clinical Research Abstracts, Webinars, etc.


Tuition = $3,095.00; Down payment = $500.00; Balance due = $2,595.00; Balance paid in 10 monthly payments of $259.50.
Approximate cost of textbooks and materials (not included): New = $400.00
Students can purchase textbooks online through Amazon.com, Half.com, Barnes and Noble.com, AllDiscountBooks.net, etc.
The Academy’s online nutrition school does not charge interest to students who choose our payment plans. We also accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover Card. Applicants from NJ who are unemployed can contact their local unemployment office to inquire about tuition assistance from various New Jersey agencies.

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Upon acceptance of your application (we will contact you by e-mail), all home-study applicants must send a copy of their High School, G.E.D., Vocational School or College diploma (your school transcript is also acceptable) in order to meet New Jersey’s vocational school entrance requirements. When we have received all pertinent paperwork, we will send you your enrollment forms. For those who do not have a High School, G.E.D., Vocational or College diploma, a T.A.B.E test can be taken..
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